Sunday, April 7, 2013

March Birchbox Review

As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I am always interested in getting samples and trying new hair care, makeup and skin products. Enter Birchbox! For those who don't know about Birchbox (I didn't until last month) it is a monthly subscription where you get to sample products from high-end brands. The monthly charge is $10 but the value of what you receive is much more! 

Late March, my first Birchbox arrived *excited squeal*. I thought the packaging was very simple but also very nicely done: 

I was so excited to see what was inside! I've never subscribed to anything like this and was really hoping that it wasn't just a bunch of junk (i.e. neon eye shadow) that would sit unused in a drawer. Here is what I found when I opened the box: 

A brief breakdown and review (when applicable) of the contents: 

Macadamia Nut morrocian oil - I am a huge fan of the Josie Maran Argan Oil and wasn't sure how I would like this oil in comparison. I should also confess that I cannot stand the Morrocian Oil brand - IMO it stinks really bad and doesn't do much for my hair so I was really hoping this oil would at least smell better. The Macadamia oil reminds me of the patchouli smell so I don't mind it too much because it's not overbearing. It works nicely in my hair, it doesn't feel heavy or make my hair feel greasy. For now, I think I will stay with the Josie Maran oil, but just because it would be really hard for me to like another brand more.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask - I haven't used this yet, but I am really looking forward to doing the mask. My hair is really damaged and dry due to years of coloring and using a blow dryer/straightener almost daily. I am so jealous of people who naturally have smooth and beautiful hair...hopefully this mask will help with making my hair look more healthy.

Marcelle  BB Cream in Golden Glow - this is my favorite product so far. I received a .5oz tube and have been using it every day. It has just enough coverage to hide imperfections but it isn't too heavy and doesn't look cakey. Sometimes I put it on with a brush, and other times just with my fingers. In both cases it goes on smooth and easy. A full size version is 1.6 oz and costs $27. While it is a bit pricey for BB cream, I would definitely purchase it in the future.

Stella Cadente Miss Me perfume - I am not a big fan of perfume at all and if I do wear perfume I am super picky about what it is. Usually in the fall/winter months I'll wear Michael Kors or Burberry London. In the spring/summer I will wear my new favorite scent, Jo Malone's French Lime Blossom. I also like Bobbi Brown's Beach for the summer. This perfume by Stella Cadente is a bit too strong and floral for me. I liked it at first sniff but it is the type that I would quickly dislike after wearing it for a couple hours. The scent itself is nice, it's just not my style.

Supergoop Everyday Face/Body lotion SPF 30 - this is a nice lotion with a good amount of SPF in it. However, because I just bought a fabulous sunscreen from Elta (recommended by my derm) so I haven't used the Supergoop yet. According to my dermatologist you should use sunscreen with Zinc and Titanium in it, Elta has both.

Maxwell Emery Board - this was the extra in the Birchbox for March. It has a pretty floral design, and I like it because I seem to go through emery boards faster than I know what to do with them.

Overall, I was pretty happy to see the contents in the box, I am going to give this a few months to decide if I am going to keep the subscription or not. If you are interested in subscribing, click here to sign up. As mentioned above, it's only $10 and you can cancel at anytime.

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