Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smoothie Challenge

On April 1st I started a Smoothie Challenge (no joke). The challenge was to replace at least one, perhaps two meals per day with a healthy smoothie that consisted mainly of veggies and fruits. Since I have been drinking my Shakeology religiously every morning I thought it would a good transition to try something new. Don't get me wrong - I love  Shakeology but a change of pace is always a good thing. 
The Simple Green Smoothie challenge was started by two friends who wanted to incorporate REAL food into their diets. I've been pretty inspired just reading about them on their website - what a cool concept and they have acquired quite the following! 
I heard about them through a friend who completed the smoothie challenge at the beginning of 2013. She would rave about the recipes and the way she would feel by drinking at least one smoothie a day. I made the decision to commit to 30 days of at least 1 yummy fruit/veggie smoothie a day (i know, sounds rough doesn't it?) :) 
I am now on week 3 of the challenge, so I only have one more week to go but I will certainly continue keeping on keeping on with this smoothie trend. I have mixed things together that I never thought would taste 'kinda' good let alone awesomely good. 

Also, these gals make the challenge super easy - every Friday they send out an email that contains recipes and a grocery list. I typically pick a few recipes from the list and head out to my local Trader Joe's to pick up the items. Also, another thing I've been doing is adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to every smoothie I make. This is just my personal preference, I love coconut oil and have been trying to incorporate it into everything lately! I will also sub water for coconut water, or almond milk for rice milk but for the most part I don't stray from the recipes provided. Below is a pic of one of my favorite smoothies: 

spinach, almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, banana and almonds..Yum!

As far as the benefits go, I do feel pretty energized! I also feel full in the morning and I'm not staring down the clock until 10:00am hits (when I have my mid-morning snack). Additionally, my skin is looking good - i have been trying out some new stuff from my dermatologist but I am positive all the goodness I am drinking is helping too! As far as weight loss, I haven't been weighing myself so I don't know if it is helping in that area or not. I don't think so, but then again this is to be healthier, not necessarily to drop the lbs quickly. 

I hope you check out the website because smoothies are a great way to incorporate the nutrients our bodies need! And if you are wondering how spinach and mangoes can taste good blended together,  just trust me..these drinks are are De-LISH. 


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