Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Stylin'..or not.

I confessed in an earlier post that I've never blogged before. I'm sure that if seasoned bloggers come across my page you will agree with me. I'm irritated because with my IT background (although not in design) you'd think I would grasp this whole blogging design thing easier than I have. One thing (probably the most frustrating) is I am trying to get cute categories added to my blog. Seriously, it cannot be that hard! I have found out how to add categories but it's so blah-looking. I wish I knew how to design blogs - not even sure how people do this? Second thing that is driving me crazy is my background doesn't go all the way to the top and bottom of my page. On my Windows machine it does, but on my Mac (which I use more frequently) it looks so silly. Anyway...clearly more research needs to be done on the topic. 
Thanks for listening to me vent! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! 

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