Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sephora/Ulta Haul

Time for my next Sephora and Ulta haul!! Until last week, I was an Ulta virgin but now I can really understand what the hype is about. It's a Sephora and department store makeup section combined in one nice, neat, well-organized location *dreamy sigh*

First, from Sephora (and I guess it's not really a "haul" because I only got one thing and the rest were samples):

I received a sample of the Amazing Cosmetics "Amazing Concealer" from my last Sephora order. I know why it's called "Amazing Concealer". It honestly covers everything. Dark cirles? covered. Acne Scars? nope! I have olive skin and the medium beige worked well for me.
Amazing Concealer (Medium Beige)
Next.. a I got a sample of the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. I had used this a few times in the past and I love it!! I used to just use it in the morning but I've been putting it on after using my PTR Max Correcting Pads
Ole Henrickson Truth Serum
I also received a sample of the Givenchy Photo Perfexion foundation - so, one thing you have to know about me is that I am not really a foundation type of girl. I just never feel like I put it on right, I'm always worried about the dreaded "line" on your face and not to mention most foundations make my face look cakey. I've always used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer (in sand) but I fell in love with Givenchy's foundation..which kinda sucks because it's more expensive than LM. Sigh. This foundation goes on smooth and light. No cake-face!

Givenchy Photo Perfexion - Praline
 Time for my Ulta buys: 

I've been dealing with some cystic acne lately, mostly on my jawline and around my nose. I feel very fortunate that growing up and through my teen years I was blessed with good skin, however I feel like my good fortune back then is kicking me in the butt now. I didn't even know what cystic acne was until I read about another blogger raving about this product. After a few months of painful spots (and a few scars..ugh) I decided to buy this buffering lotion. This lotion is really runny, and smells like getting your ears pierced (strange, I know) but it does far no breakouts! I don't use this every night, maybe every other night or so. 
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion
Urban Decay eyelid of the holy grail items of many bloggers and eyeshadow lovers. I was noticing my eyeshadow creasing pretty badly throughout the day so I went ahead and bought this. I do like it a lot, and can see why everyone else does too. I read that this product is Urban Decay's best seller.  

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

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